Kids Archery Leagues

Kids archery leagues are offered at Antlers Archery for kids ages 6 to 14. Leagues will begin on January 9, 2018, and will be held on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. for five weeks. Advance registration and payment is required prior to the first night of league. Cost for the league is $50.

League Rules


  • Shooters will shoot both 3D and spots during league. There will be 20 targets on the 3D course and no shooting from the upper level.
  • Shooters must bring their own equipment.
  • Range finders are not allowed when shooting for score. Binoculars are allowed.
  • Shooters may pace off and discuss yardage.
  • No practice shots will be allowed on the 3D course before shooting for score. League members may warm up and sight in on the bag targets. Warm-up can start 1 hour prior to league shooting.
  • Only practice tips are allowed. No broadheads.
  • Each shooter will shoot one arrow at his or her designated target, then the whole line will go down and score.
  • Make-ups for missed league shooting must be completed by the SATURDAY after the league night. Shooters are allowed one missed week where the score for the week will be 10 points below average. Any miss after that will result in a score of zero.
  • Parents can watch shooting from the viewing area. Antlers Archery will provide coaching and supervision for the kids.


  • You will not score your own targets; the shooter to your left will score for you.
  • The targets are scored as follows: Center ring – 12, second ring – 10, outer ring – 8, body shot – 5, miss – 0.
  • Score cards must contain the team name, full names of each member and the date.
  • All scores will be figured on a 75% handicap based on an average of the first two weeks’ scores and the range average.
  • Scoring disputes will be settled by Bill Thomas.
  • All scorecards must be left with Bill Thomas at Antlers Archery by end of day on SATURDAY of your league week. Teams who fail to produce a scorecard at the end of the week will get a score of zero.